Uncertain Future for Premier Pipeline


Speaking solely for the U.S. economy, I don’t think President Obama can afford to deny the Keystone Pipeline. Don’t get me wrong, environmentalists can stand as a long as they want on their convictions against the pipeline as a carbon-bomb setter, but our country is inducing massive debt, hanging onto thousands of long-term unemployed skilled and unskilled workers and is only just now modestly observing a rise in job creation.

It would be fatuous for the president to continue this drama of avoiding the decision. He has two parties and two groups to choose from: the environmentalists, the democrats or the job creators, the republicans. While we are still uncertain of which group the Commander in Chief will side with, one thing is for sure in the interim: more delay will worsen our business relationship with Canada. Trying Canada’s time is hardly what our nation needs.

If President Obama doesn’t decide to create the pipeline soon, Canada will send their oil pipeline elsewhere. In fact, according to an article by John Bussey at the Wall Street Journal, “Canada is talking with China about piping its oil west instead of south.” They will work with China instead of their own neighbors, us. Furthering our political indecisiveness on our own time is one thing, but messing with Canada’s schedule is another.


Delay will worsen the matter.

If Canada moves elsewhere, or to be more specific, TransCanada—the company that introduced this pipeline project to President Obama—the U.S. will miss a job-creating project that many domestic energy producers—including Exxon Mobile, Shell, Conoco Phillips and Chevron among others—are desperately hoping will come to fruition.

Will the president do the right thing about Keystone? If he wants more jobs and domestic energy security, he will make the choice to let TransCanada build a pipeline from Canada to Texas by this summer. After all, the Keystone Pipeline will create upwards of thousands of jobs and send our efforts for oil by Canada—closer to home—instead of Saudi Arabia. Only time will tell.


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